Wednesday, July 08, 2009

New Release - Otis Taylor - Pentatonic Wars Love Songs

I have been meaning to post something about Otis Taylor for a while now. I enjoy his music a great deal and want to introduce him to new fans.

I really like his music because as one reviewer stated;

No one ever accused blues singer/composer/multi-instrumentalist Otis Taylor of overindulging in the brighter and happier aspects of the human condition. His songs are often peopled with characters whose emotional landscape - no matter how raw or dark - is laid bare for all to experience, and the story is often less than pretty.
And his new release gives me such a chance to introduce the raw blues power that he delivers.

click image's product review states;
Taylor's new recording, Pentatonic Wars and Love Songs, throws a light on the complexities of love in all of its forms. In addition to Taylor's trademark haunting vocals and simple but stirring guitar riffs - a combination often referred to as trance blues - the album also features guest appearances by Irish blues-rock guitarist Gary Moore (previously heard on Taylor's Definition of a Circle in 2007) and jazz/hip-hop pianist Jason Moran.

Within these songs of love are tales of tragedy and loss, misunderstanding and deception - but often a glimmer of hope as well. "That's just my nature," says Taylor. "I may write love songs, but they aren't always going to be happy and pretty. Look at songs like `Teen Angel' or `Ode To Billy Joe.' Those are love songs, but they aren't exactly happy. So why shouldn't my songs be considered love songs?"

"This is a different kind of endeavor for me," he says of the new recording. "I found myself saying, `What can I do after making a banjo album? What will people want to listen to?' My answer was love songs. I'm doing things here that I didn't have the opportunity to do on previous albums, things that people wouldn't normally expect from me, compared to what I've done so far. I think it's one of my best works because it has such unusual elements."

Otis Taylor

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