Thursday, April 20, 2006

Where To Put Your Mp3s

Every now and then I want to write something that moves the curtain back and allows you to look behind the scene and see how music blogs work.

All us bloggers who provide mp3s have to have somewhere to store them.

So what do you do with all the mp3s that you down load form the web? Well because I provide mp3s for others to scarf up, I need a cool place to store them (actually I need many cool places to store them). And it occurred to me that maybe some of the readers of my blogs might want or need a place to store mp3s.

My answer to that question is Bolt Media's File Lodge

The Free File Hosting at File Lodge is a cool deal if you need a place to store your mp3s.

Go there and check them out!

As I find other places like this online I will let you all know about them.

Here is what they offer totally free;

  • Free file and image hosting.

  • 500 MB of storage space.

  • Hotlinking allowed with a tool that creates links for you.

  • It is perfect for images, music, videos and documents.

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