Sunday, April 16, 2006

Sonny Boy Williamson I mp3s: Will The Real Sonny Boy Please Stand Up?

OK, in my last couple of post I have been going on and on about my man Sonny Boy Williamson II (Alek Rice Miller), now it is true that pound for pound he is my favorite blues harmonica player. I think this is because he has a more polished and modern sound and he was a master of the harp. And as I am sure you can see from the last two videos he was an excellent showmen and knew how to play the blues.

However he is not the original Sonny Boy Williamson, as a matter of fact he took that name from a harmonica virtuoso by the name of John Lee "Sonny Boy" Williamson who lived and recorded during the late thirties. And I would say that if you are a blues harmonica player or you want to become one you need to become familiar with Sonny Boy Williamson's music. He played with grace and style and he engaged in breathtaking harmonica feats. When you combine that with his particular vocal style of mumbling the words, his music is irresistible.

A friend of the prewar Chicago blues giant, Big Bill Bronnzy, he was murdered at the peak of his fame, at the age of thirty-four. Still he left a mark on blues history and the themes of his music and his style influenced many blues and rock artists to come. His music has been covered by many performers. And finally I would say that if he had not been cut down at such a young age, he may have eclipsed Sonny Boy Williamson II, the pretender.

mp3s by John Lee "Sonny Boy" Williamson;

Sonny Boy Williamson I - Bad Luck Blues mp3

Sonny Boy Williamson I - New Early In The Morning mp3

Sonny Boy Williamson I - Check Up On My Baby Blues mp3

And if you would like to hear the real Sonny Boy Williamson in all his glory, check these out;

Sonny Boy Williamson (John Lee Williamson) Complete Recorded Works I (1937-1938)

Sonny Boy Williamson (John Lee Williamson) Bring Another Half Pint

Sonny Boy Williamson (John Lee Williamson) Vol. 2 1940/1942

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