Friday, April 14, 2006

Sonny Boy Williamson II: Thank You Sir, May I Have Another.

panchee, thanks for stopping by. To answer your question left in my last post, I like Little Walter too, he is from my home state of Louisiana and was a great harmonica player and innovator of the blues. But he could not improvise the way Sonny Boy Williamson did. All the harp players that were in Muddy Waters band rose to promanance. i.e. Junoir Wells, James Cotton. That band was probably the best blues band ever.

As for Sonny Boy Williamson music to check out. The two songs mentioned by Mister Anchovy are great songs. If you are a blues harmonica player you have to try to play "Don't start me talking". For those of you who like that song, check out this video of Bob Dylan playing "Don't Start Me Talking".

As for music by Sonny Boy Williamson to check out try these three CDs;
Sonny Boy Williamson His Best

Sonny Boy Williamson King Biscuit Time

Sonny Boy Williamson Bummer Road

These three CD's are my favorite by Sonny Boy Williamson, and I think you will enjoy them too.

And finally check out another Great Sonny Boy Video from YouTube;

Sonny Boy Williamson - Bye Bye Bird & My Younger Days

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