Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Willie Dixon - I Get Nervous Video

This video is too cool. The bass playing prowess of one Mr. Willie Dixon are on full display here, and I believe that Otis Span is helping out a little bit on the piano. I'm getting nervous just typing this, I tremble in my bones. I believe that this video is from the "The American Folk Blues Festival 1962-1966, Vol. 2 (2003)" DVD.

As in this video on that DVD Willie Dixon "nervously" stutters his way through this comical song where he is introduced by a very dignified Memphis Slim: "He is such a big man", says Slim, "he weighs four or five hundred pounds, something like that. Imagine a guy that big being nervous!"

Willie Dixon, is one of my favorite bluesmen, who I believe was pound for pound one of the best all around bluesmen ever, and I say that because of his abilities as a producer, songwriter and session musician who helped so
many other Chess Records artist and who also was instrumental in creating the Chicago blues sound.

In the original liner notes to Dixon's classic album "I Am The Blues: Willie Dixon", Pete Welding describes Dixon this way:

He may well be the single most influential artist in the modern blues. Certainly, in light of his prodigious activities in and on behalf of the magnificent, impassioned, urgent and powerful music to which he has contributed so significantly over the years, he must be considered on of the major figures of the postwar blues.

Willie Dixon: Seventh Son video @ YouTube.

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