Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Uncensored History of the Blues Podcast

I have just recently become aware of blues podcasting. It is something that I have wanted to explore in-depth for a while now, but just never got around to. But I recently found a podcast that prompted me to dive right in.

I wish I could write something elegant enough to explain how good the Uncensored History of the Blues podcast is. But words fell me. I don't know if it is the plain spoken presentation style of the host Mike Rugel or if it is the fact that he picks a topic and then presents prewar blues songs that illustrate the theme. One thing that I really like about this podcast is that it has a lot of historical value.

Both the themes and the music give you a glimpse into the past as well as the lives of the musicians. I have always thought that the best way to understand the blues, is to consider the time when the music was being made. This podcast does a good job of connecting the music to past events.

The site is discribed @ ODEO.com

Mike Rugel and the Delta Blues Museum take a raw look at the early history of blues music. Each show includes a series of pre-war blues tracks along with context and exposition.

Again words fell me, so without more delay please click on one of the links below;


Uncensored History of the Blues Blog - Song list and other information about each podcast.

Below are a few examples of podcast and song list:

Show 20 - Death Tributes Songs:

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Death of Leroy Carr - Bumble Bee Slim and Scrapper Blackwell
Death of Blind Boy Fuller - Brownie McGhee
Oh Death - Charley Patton and Bertha Lee
Death of Walter Barnes - Leonard 'Baby Doo' Caston
Death of Holmes' Mule - Charlie Turner and Winston Holmes
Death of Sonny Boy Williamson - Peck Curtis and Houston Stackhouse

Show 19- Bootlegger's Blues Songs:

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Bootleg Rum Dum Blues - Blind Blake
Bootleggers' Blues - Mississippi Sheiks
Jones Law Blues - James "Stump" Johnson
Sloppy Drunk Blues - Leroy Carr
Good Whiskey Blues - Peetie Wheatstraw
Bootleggin' Ain't No Good No More - Blind Teddy Darby
Alley Bound Blues - Curtis Jones

Show 15 - Blues of the Great War

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Army Blues - Kingfish Bill Tomlin
Uncle Sam Blues - Clara Smith
Army Camp Harmony Blues - Ma Rainey
Army Mule in No Man's Land - Coley Jones
Wartime Blues - Blind Lemon Jefferson

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