Thursday, June 15, 2006

John Lee Hooker's Estate Has the Blues

I can vividly remember seeing John Lee Hooker at Humphrey's over on Shelter Island here in San Diego. It was a great show, and seeing the venerable bluesman perform was the realization of one of my life long dreams. I have tried to keep up with John Lee's legacy and I try to turn on as many younger music lovers to his music as I can.

I recently pointed him out to my twenty something year-old daughter, while we were watching the movie the "The Blues Brothers", in the hopes that she will learn about him and enjoy his music as much as I do.

So when I read the below news about the trouble that Mr. Hooker's estate is in I thought I needed to write about this. When I say trouble, it really is the kind of trouble that we would all like to have when you think about it. But hey everyone has got to figure out how to pay the rent, that is what the blues is all about.

"The cash-strapped estate of legendary blues musician John Lee Hooker is hoping to educate people about his prolific 50-year career and get themselves back in the black at the same time."

John Lee Hooker's Estate Licenses Albums To Shout Factory @

"John Lee Hooker could not read or write, according to his daughter, but the legendary Delta bluesman's estate is hoping to educate a new legion of fans about his 50-year musical legacy."

I Need Some Money: John Lee Hooker estate, pursued by IRS, licenses catalogue @

Other JLH news; John Lee Hooker Jr.'s blues are is his own @

John Lee Hooker "Hobo Blues" video @ SqueezeMyLemon.

If you don't have any John Lee Hooker music in your collection check these out at;

The Very Best Of John Lee Hooker

Hooker 'n Heat [BOX SET]


DVD's of John Lee Hooker;

John Lee Hooker - Come and See About Me: The Definitive DVD (2004)

John Lee Hooker - That's My Story (2001)

Martin Scorsese Presents the Blues - Godfathers and Sons (2003)

If you didn't know, now you know. Well that should get you moving down the road of hearing some of the best blues by a great blues musician.

Thanks to Bluesmama Renee at Bluesmama's House of Blues for turning me on to this story.

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