Thursday, August 09, 2012

Jazzy Bird Poem

I posted something on my facebook page about a bird that I saw while taking a walk recently.  That caused a few of my friends to comment.  During the lively conversation that followed I shared a poem that I wrote a while back about a mockingbird that hangs out in my backyard. 

I hope you like it.

Mockingbird by my window

by my window listening to
Charlie Parker play on my radio
decided that he too could sing like a bird

His intro riff was a clarion call to heaven and
Then he dropped down into a minor key, the brother/bird tweeted
thirds and fiths and sevenths too, hitting staccato notes blue as the sky

He made it sing
He improvised and built his song
into a steady grind even making it swing
And I swear that I thought "this bird is messing with me"
He broke into a kind of scatting that was so joyous that I understood
The best thing to do was to just turn my radio off and listen to the mockingbird

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