Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Otis Taylor - Contraband 2012

Washington Post

.... Throughout it all, Taylor's captivating arpeggios on guitar and banjo underline his gruff baritone. He repeats his blues mantras to tell the stories of newly freed slaves, love-hungry men, a World War I veteran, spurned lovers and Jim Crow victims. Somehow it all comes together in a cohesive but utterly distinctive sound that gets the point across with a minimum of lyrics.
1. The Devil's Gonna Lie
2. Yell Your Name
3. Look To the Side
4. Romans Had Their Way
5. Blind Piano Teacher
6. Banjo Boogie Blues
7. 2 or 3 Times
8. Contraband Blues
9. Lay On My Delta Bed
10. Your 10 Dollar Bill
11. Open These Bars
12. Yellow Car, Yellow Dog
13. Never Been To Africa
14. I Can See You're Lying

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