Sunday, March 04, 2012

Booker T. Jones — The Road from Memphis

Sometimes you need to chill

..... This is the guy who helped write such classics as “Green Onions” and “Time Is Tight” after all. Still—to think the 66-year-old can continue to produce such unparalleled authentic, indescribably funky and unprecedented soulful rhythm and blues music in such a fashion is nothing short of astonishing. All told, The Road From Memphis is enough to make Jim Stewart, Estelle Axton, Duck Dunn, Rufus Thomas, Eddie Floyd, Johnnie Taylor, Isaac Hayes and any other member of the Stax family smile wherever they are.
As long as there’s been soul music there’s been Booker T. Jones. A session saxophonist on Stax Records while it was still Satellite Records at age 16 in 1960.... Crazy, Walking Papers, The Hive and Rent Party are such sweet examples of Booker T.’s craft – it’s as if mod never went away.
Despite a comment in one of the reviews given I like this

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