Sunday, October 04, 2009

Young , Gifted and British

The Blues is safe in the hands of a younger generation including these - myspace here

The trio's sets are, true to early rock history, heavy on covers that should thrill any 78 rpm record nerd. The band's take on rockabilly singer Johnny Horton's "Mean Mean Son of a Gun" is a fiery but sweet-tempered rocker driven by fleet guitar and drumming, and the group's take on Moon Mullican's "Honolulu Rock-a-Rolla" is a winsome bit of vintage Polynesian novelty pop.

Kitty, Daisy & Lewis are a three-piece band comprising the teenage siblings of the Durham family. Their music is influenced heavily by R&B, swing, jump blues, country and Western, blues, Hawaiian and rock 'n' roll. They are all multi-instrumentalists playing guitar, piano, banjo, lapsteel guitar, harmonica, double bass, ukulele, drums, trombone, xylophone and accordion between them.
When performing live, their parents, Graeme Durham and Ingrid Weiss play guitar and double-bass. Graeme Durham is a founding member and mastering engineer at The Exchange recording studios in London, and Ingrid Weiss is the former drummer of The Raincoats[1] and was encouraged to play the double bass by Kitty Daisy & Lewis.

Kitty, Daisy & Lewis

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