Thursday, October 01, 2009


Buddy Guy and Junior Wells

I saw these guys play a couple times in the early 80s at a place in Toronto called Albert's Hall. One time Junior Wells seemed really messed up. He just kind of teetered on stage and Buddy Guy pretty much carried the show. The other time, they were both in fine form and the show was great.

We saw a Junior Wells show shortly before he died. I guess he was trying to play to the end. The band warmed up and Junior came out but couldn't get through more than a couple songs and the show ended early. We didn't know what was going on. It was not long after that we heard he passed.

They made some fantastic blues together, at times really magical. These days Buddy Guy plays to larger houses. We were at his show at Massey Hall a couple years ago. He's like an elder statesman for the blues these days, and a real crowd pleaser.

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