Friday, September 11, 2009

Walking on Eggshells (UK Jazz)

An interesting British musician who's music shows many influences ranging from pop/rock through to jazz, classical and British folk. '21st Century Boogie' shows his attention to blues/boogie-woogie, while 'Based On A True Story' shows much more of an Indie-piano leaning. A very good listen as well.

Based on a True Story

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D.S. Williamson said...

I've not heard of Paddy Milner before, but I bet I will again. That blue jean covered leg above the foot tapping bare foot shows me where his roots lay. That was an impressive piece he was playing. My eyes had trouble keeping up with his hands. Thanks for sharing.
D.S. Williamson

mister anchovy said...

I enjoyed these tunes too!

Ron Moorby said...

That is the delight of Blues always someone new on the horizon and from anywhere in the world.