Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Even if She is Only Seventeen...Blues Quote

Lot of people talking about young girls being pregnant as of late. I think that poet, philosopher and master bluesman, Muddy Waters said it best;

"Young girls make strong babies."

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D.S. Williamson said...

That may have been true at one time but I doubt it remains true today. Fifty years ago a 17 year old was more wise in the ways of the world and was not self centered. She had lived a hard life already. This is not a detrimental remark against todays teens. It was just a different world back then, with different priorities. It was a harsher life that forced young people to grow up faster, robbing them of their youth.
D.S. Williamson

Raggedy said...

As much as I adore Muddy as a musician, he was the prototype of the unconcerned male when it came to women. Young girls are not supposed to be pregnant. Period. Especially not, if there is no qualified male around to care for both of them. Because no matter how strong a baby is, he/she will most likely turn out a miserable grown up, if raised by a young girl alone. (Ever wondered why America's prisons are overpopulated?)
So, in my opinion, this quote is downright macho, and just goes to show a lack of concern and respect for women
Sorry, Muddy. You should have kept quiet on that subject ...