Sunday, August 09, 2009

Memphis Blues

Memphis blues - now that's a broad category, because so much great blues music came out of Memphis. When I think of Memphis, the first thing I think of is Sam Phillips and Sun Records. A lot of great sides came out of that studio.

Here's Billy The Kid Emerson performing Red Hot.

Little Junior Parker didn't have a whole lot of range, but he had a great groove. Here's Mystery Train.

I like that groove so much I want more. I'm Feelin Good.
Ain't nobody boogie like the Blue Flames do.

Since we're feelin so good and all, let's listen to Jackie Brenston and his Delta Cats rock. Everybody knows it's Ike Turner's Kings of Rhythm. Is it the first rock and roll tune, recorded in 1951? It doesn't matter really. It's great any way you shake it. Not very safety-minded though, all that drinking and driving (go around the corner get a fifth, everybody in my car gonna take a little nip). Now this is a tune that turns old Mister Anchovy's crank big time.

Here's one-man band Joe Hill Louis playing a song with a very similar groove, Hydramatic Woman - the fastest gal in town.

Memphis is not such a big town. It blows my mind that so much great music gravitated there. I'm not even talking about Johnny Cash, rockabilly or STAX either, or the whole jug band tradition...! And let's not forget Memphis slim and the piano blues!

Don't get me started on the music of that town because I just can't stop. Bear with me for one more though, ok? Here's Bobby Blue Bland. Today I started loving you again. Yeah!

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