Thursday, August 06, 2009

Got me a Woman

Levon Helm has lived a lot of blues. Of course he was the drummer for Ronnie Hawkins' legendary band, The Hawks, which later became The Band after they started hanging out with a guy named Bob Dylan. Mr. Helm was silenced for a decade with a cancer that took his voice. Remarkably, his voice returned, and he returned to recording, with Dirt Farmer and on it's heels, Electric Dirt. He must be nearing 70 now, and Helm continues to make fantastic music.

Levon Helm's music is a little difficult to put in a box. Is it Americana? Well maybe, but listen to Dirt Farmer and then go back and listen to an album by The Band, and see that they are squarely in the same traditions: Americana, Old Tyme, Country Bluegrass, blues, and blues infused rock and roll, played straight up from the heart.

Here's The Levon Helm Band playing Got me a Woman

Now let's go back to 1970. Here is The Band performing The Weight.

Here's Deep Elum Blues, featuring Larry Campbell

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