Monday, August 17, 2009

Blues Shouters

A blues shouter is a blues singer, often male, capable of singing with a band. The singer must project, or "shout", to be heard over the drums and musical instruments of the band. Blues shouting was a major pathway by which jazz music edged over into rock and roll. It was also popular before the advent of microphones.

In the style of

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mister anchovy said...

I grew up listening to Jimmy Rushing, Joe Williams, the Basie Band, Big Joe Turner and other singers and orchestras that my dad enjoyed. When I hear that music, it brings back some good memories.

D.S. Williamson said...

I've seen several "Blues Shouters". I wonder if that's one of the ways they get those deep and raspy voices when they sing? Seems like the majority of blues singers have that vocal quality.