Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Blues Piano Day 7 - Champion Jack Dupree

I was going to post a video of Bukka White playing some Boogie Woogie, because I think it is such a cool video.

Then I thought about posting this blues piano video (1), this one (2), this one(3), this one (4) and this one (5). And if you watch them all I am sure you will enjoy them.

But then I came across a video of a bluesman, whose music I truly love. It's funny to me that I did not think of Champion Jack Dupree when I thought of doing a week of post on the blues piano.

I guess it is true what they say about your memory being the second thing to go.

Champion Jack Dupree with King Curtis

Champion Jack Dupree

I like Mr. Dupree so much because he was a true man of Louisiana (and a man of the world too), his speech, his diction, his style, his rhythm and of course his musical skills all spring from his youth in Louisiana. And that may be why I did not think of of him at first. I have included too many bluesmen from Louisiana in my list of blues piano players I fear, but what can I say. It was not only Mr. Dupree's piano playing that attracted me to his music. I really like how he sings and talks. He had a way with words. Consider these quotations;

  • "When you open up a piano, you see freedom. Nobody can play the white keys and don't play the black keys. You got to mix all these keys together to make harmony. And that's what the whole world needs: Harmony."

  • "Nasty Boogie Woogie" by Jack Dupree
    Mama bought a chicken, she took him for a duck
    Laid him on the table with his legs stuck up
    Yonder come the children with a spoon and a glass
    Catch the gravy droppin' from his yes, yes, yes

  • "Death of Martin Luther King", recorded just after his assassination
    I know you people, I know you glad you ain't one of me
    I know you people glad, I know you glad you white and free
    Oh yeah, white and free, oh, what will, what will become of me?
    Oh I am begging, yes, I'm begging to be free.

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