Friday, August 15, 2014

Charles Brown - Driftin' Blues (The Best Of) (Full Album)

I love going back and looking at the wonderful blues musicians of the past, man the gems that you can find. Consider one Charles Brown, a master bluesman in my mind.  While some others may be better known, few can say they were as good.

Mr. Brown had a big mellow tone, and his piano work was top notch.  This album shows how influential he was.  You can hear the evolution of the blues in some of the songs that were covered by others.

As always, love the music, support the music, buy the music. Driftin Blues: Best of

Notes from YouTube;

Extremely underrated Blues man and hard to find album. He's known for the songs "Black Night" and "Driftin' Blues" both on this record. 

1. Driftin' Blues 0:00
2. Homesick Blues 3:16
3. Get Yourself Another Fool 6:28
4. In The Evening When The Sun Goes Down 9:32
5. A Long Time 12:30
6. It's Nothing 16:05
7. Trouble Blues 18:57
8. My Baby's Gone 21:21
9. Black Night 24:23
10. I'll Always Be In Love With You 27:32
11. Seven Long Days 30:29
12. Hard Times 33:33
13. Evening Shadows 36:44
14. I Lost Everything 39:31
15. Lonesome Feeling 42:31
16. Cryin' Mercy 45:29
17. I've Been Saving My Love For You 48:13
18. Fool's Paradise 50:12
19. Please Don't Drive Me Away 53:00
20. Merry Christmas Baby 55:23

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