Sunday, September 09, 2012

How do I get music to you for review?

We have been asked question has been asked enough times so here are some details of how to contact us


See the previous posting here

UK & Europe

If you want to send me a CD (I prefer CDs) please mail it to;

Squeeze My Lemon Blues Blog
Bangor Road
LL74 8PT
United Kingdom

 Or you can send me a link where I can download some of your blues music for review please send the link in an email to

1. We love to review new music, but can be fairly slow at it. So please understand that it may take a while.

2. Because you send us CDs or links to your mp3s it does not mean that we will review it. Just want to make that clear, there is no quid pro quo.

3. We like a lot of different music, and will only write about music that we like. If we don't like your music we will probably not waste your or our time writing about it. That is just the way we are.

4. If we don't like your music, so what? There is no accounting for taste and we are blogging about the blues in a small way, so don't take it so hard.

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