Tuesday, April 10, 2012

The Hippy Nuts - 'I Feel Lucky Tonight'

A group with a happy sound and philosophy - a good feel, I'd love to hear them live with a drink in my hand.

Worthy of a wider audience I think - fortunately  from the lead singers' mouth discussing their newest album

Referring to the title track of their new album Kathena (favourite singer Steve Marriott is a big plus) has to say

'On this track is our friend Tony Winner Alice Ripley singing exquisite background vocals. She is a great musician because she has great ears and fine control. I love singing with Alice onstage and in the studio because she is hilarious and generous.

 We named the album after this track in part because it is artist Gene Wisniewski's favorite Hippy Nuts song. We knew we wanted to use Gene's artwork for this album and when Guitarist Tim Champion saw Gene's painting "Constant Vigilance" he laughed and said it looked like the building is getting lucky because it is applying mascara to its eyes.
Indeed The Hippy Nuts do feel lucky Tonight and every night we get to play music with some of the best players in the world who are on this album--

Drummers Shannon Ford and Joe Izzo
Bassists T. Bag Jade, Paul Ossola, Mark Epstein, and Larry Heinemann
Keyboardist Pete Drungle

Feeling lucky and blessed is the running theme. "Working For Love" is a song we wrote in reaction to the economic troubles in the city of Detroit. "Everybody's feeling down right now. They can't help it They lost their job and they're broke...Me I feel like a million bucks... I'm working for one single thing...Working For Love"

The Hippy Nuts are keeping our sense of humor and aim to uplift and keep people Smiling and dancing to the Country romp "Smile On The Shelf" and the Rock Soul "Work On Me Baby" with its accompanying Puppets Video.

Even the bluesy "Love Put The Hurt On Me" ends on a sunny note--"We're done and I gotta run...I'm looking for the good kind of love..."

 As on previous albums Hippy Nuts fans notice the influence of Kathena Bryant's favorite singer Steve Marriott. The song "Pouring Out My Soul" while drenched in Texas twang also nods to the English Music Hall swagger employed by Marriott and The Small Faces.

There is humor and hope all over I Feel Lucky Tonight. We hope y'all enjoy it as much as we enjoyed recording this album.

 Please visit our website and share your lucky thoughts. www.thehippynuts.com Go Nuts, Kathena

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