Thursday, October 21, 2010

Jungle Blues - C.W.Stoneking


C W Stoneking is a one-off eccentric of the first order, a 21st-century Australian white man who presents himself, colouration excepted, as a black American minstrel from a century earlier.

... on Housebound Blues, his wife Kirsty Frazer rages against gender inequality, offering a sly reminder that this is very much a modern recording. And if that isn’t enough to break the artfully woven spell, Stoneking rounds things off with The Greatest Liar, a hilarious spoken-word piece of rambling nonsense. Pure hokum, no less.

C.W. STONEKING LIVE - 'Don't Go Dancin Down the Darktown Strutter's Ball' from b-uncut on Vimeo.

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