Sunday, April 11, 2010

Blues Britannia - Chickenshack

Stan Webb's Chickenshack

Chicken Shack are a British blues band, founded in 1965 by Andy Silvester (bass guitar) and Stan Webb (guitar and vocals), with Alan Morley (drums) and later joined by Christine Perfect (vocals and keyboards - naming themselves after Jimmy Smiths 'Back At The Chicken Shack' album. Chicken shacks (chicken restaurants) had also by then frequently been mentioned in blues and rhythm and blues songs, as in Amos Milburn's hit, "Chicken Shack Boogie". Their first concert was at the 1967 National Blues and Jazz Festival at Windsor and they were signed by the Blue Horizon record label in the same year.

Chicken Shack enjoyed modest commercial success, with Christine Perfect being voted Best Female Vocalist in the Melody Maker polls, two years running.

Perfect left the band in 1969 when she married John McVie of Fleetwood Mac.

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