Wednesday, May 07, 2008

A Question About Clarence Carter - Strokin' Video.

I have not been posting to many of my blog lately becasue I am addicted to Yahoo Answers as of late. They have a cool section for answering questions about music, and sometimes I answer questions in the blues section.

You can check out my Yahoo Answers profile if you want to see some of the questions that I answer over there.

As for the question about Clarence Carter it was;

Is Clarence Carter dead, the blues singer.?

My answer (even though Clarence Carter is more of a soul singer);

According to wikipedia he is still around.

Clarence Carter @ Wikipedia

His official website seems to indicate that he is still alive but he does not have any tour dates listed since 2006.

There are also some mp3s on his media page.

Strokin' Music Video

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