Friday, October 06, 2006

Skip James & J.B. Lenoir The Soul Of A Man Videos

Skip James - Soul Of A Man - Pt.1

Songs on this video:

Blind Willie Johnson - Trouble Will Soon Be Over. This is an actor playing Blind Willie McTell.
Skip James - Hard Time Killing Floor Blues (Actor playing Skip James)
Alvin Youngblood Heart - Tell All My Boys

Skip James - Soul Of A Man - Pt.2

Songs on this video:

Skip James - He Is A Mighty Good Leader
Church Choir - You Better Run
J.B. Lenoir - I Want To Go
J.B. Lenoir - Voodoo Music
Los Lobos - Voodoo Music
J.B. Lenoir - God's Word
Shemika Copeland - Release Me Devil

Skip James -Soul Of A Man - Pt.3

Songs on this video:

Dick Waterman - comments
Skip James - I'd Rather Be The Devil
Dick Waterman - comments about Newport Blues festival
Skip James - Cherry Ball Blues (during a blues contest between Son House, Skip James and Bukka White.)
Dick Waterman - comments about Skip James playing style.
Skip James - Worried Blues
Skip James - I'm So Glad
Cream - I'm So Glad

Skip James - Soul Of A Man - Pt.4

Songs on this video:

Cassandra Wilson - Vietnam Blues by J.B. Lenoir
Eagle Eye Therry, Vernon Reid, David Barnes and Games "Blood" Ulner - Down In Mississippi by J.B. Lenoir

Skip James - Soul Of A Man - Pt.5

Songs on this video:

J.B. Lenoir - Alabama Blues
J.B. Lenoir - The Whale Has Swallowed Me
Skip James - Crow Jane
Blind Willie Johnson - Somebody Tell Me

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