Tuesday, October 03, 2006

The Late Great Freddie King

One of my jobs here at SqueezeMyLemon (I'd like to think) is turning the young on to the blues. And there are a few bluesmen who have slipped through the cracks. There are so many great blues musicians, and so little time. I feel that some blues musicians do not get the respect that they deserve.

One such bluesman is Freddie King (aka Freddy King).

Ok gather around children, gather around. We are fixin to listen to some blues music (when I say "fixin" I don't mean like fixin a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, which is a different meaning of that verb all together. I mean getting ready to).

And if you do not consider yourself to be one of the children, then go and get a child and let them listen to this. They might want to learn how to play a guitar after listening and watching these videos. Because the late great Mr. King could play the "expletive deleted" out of a guitar. He was an excellent singer and composer too. Just an over-all great bluesman.

And If you yourself aspire to play the blues you might want to take notes on these. This is the way they used to do it back when Freddie King was on the scene.

The below video is just too delightful for words really, note the bongo player. Can't say I've ever seen a bongo player in a blues band before. But hey, he seems to be grooving.

And as for the question, "Have you ever loved a woman?"

I have to admit that I have and still do, "so much that it is a shame and a sin."

Have you ever loved a Woman


Aint Nobody´s Business


Freddie King: Ain`t No Sunshine When She`s Gone.


Hide Away

Boogie Funk


Freddie King


San Ho Zay

I'm Tore Down

The above video all come off (I believe) the below DVDs



Freddie King @ wikipedia

Freddie King THE TEXAS CANNONBALL Official fan site.

Freddie King Article @ There1.com

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