Monday, May 01, 2006

Bessie Smith MP3s

When I first started this blog I had it in mind to make it kind of like a calander. I did a lot of research on what happened in the world of blues on certain days of the year. And then I wanted to post an interesting blues
factoid and give an mp3 or video to match that date.

Did you know that today is the birthday of Charley Patton the "Father of Delta Blues" was born on May 1, in 1891. And it is also the birthday of noted harmonica player Little Walter born Marion Walter Jacobs on May 1 in 1930.

Then I kind of got off track. So I'm making up for not posting some of the events of April. That is why I have been posting the birthdates of some of the blues greats who were born during this month.

Which brings me to the fact that Apr 15, 1898 was the birthdate of one of the Queens of the blues, Mrs. Bessie Smith. To celebrate, please play these two mp3's.

You can read all about Bessie Smith here in these past entries here at SqueezeMyLemon,

Bessie Smith - Saint Louis Blues Video

Some other Mp3s By Bessie Smith

Mp3s are in red.

Bessie Smith - St. Luis Blues.mp3

Bessie Smith - Back Water Blues.mp3

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