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mp3s by Leroy Carr & Scrapper Blackwell

Leroy Carr & Scrapper Blackwell

Two early bluesmen that were very influential but are not that well known today are Leroy Carr & Scrapper Blackwell. There are several reasons that these two musicians, who helped create the blues, are not that well known today. They were from Indianapolis, IL which is not usually thought of as one of the homes of the blues, if they had been from say Chicago, or St. Louis they may have been better known. They were both laid back bluesmen and did not really standout like many of the bluesmen that followed them and who were inspired by them. And probably the biggest reason that these guys are not better known is that they did not survive to be seen by the folk audiences of the sixties. Blackwell was alive in the early sixties and almost made a comeback, but it was not to be.


Article on Leroy Carr (1905 - 1935)

Article on Scrapper Blackwell (1903 - 1963)


"Kokomo Blues" (3:03, 538 kB) - Vocalion IND-624, 16 June, 1928, Indianapolis, IL

"How Long, How Long Blues" (3:02, 533 kB) - Vocalion IND-623, 19 June, 1928, Indianapolis, IL

"Sloppy Drunk" (3:00, 527 kB) - Vocalion C-6806-B, 9 September, 1930, Chicago

"When the Sun Goes Down" (2:58, 522 kB) - Bluebird 85496-1, 25 February, 1935, Chicago

"Six Cold Feet in the Ground" (3:03, 538 kB) - Bluebird 85516-1, 25 February, 1935, Chicago

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