Friday, March 01, 2013

Rory Gallagher Irish Tour 1974 ( Full concert, Remastered)

Notes from YouTube: Rory Gallagher remains one of the greatest rock and blues guitarists of all times & the best kept secret in blues/rock history. In IT '74, the film maker(Tony Palmer) does a great job in capturing a young Rory with this film. It's a great little chunk of history that depicts a special time in music history, a vital, energetic and creative time.

Historical piece of footage Irish tour 1974
Set List:
1. Walk On Hot Coals
2. Tatoo'd Lady
3. Who's That Coming?
4. A Million Miles Away
5. Going To My Home Town
6. Cradle Rock
7. As The Crow Flies
8. Hands Off
9. Bullfrog Blues

RORY GALLAGHER (Vocals/Guitars/Harmonica)
ROD De'ATH (Drums and Percussion)
LOU MARTIN (Keyboards)

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