Sunday, December 02, 2012

The Rolling Stones - Paint It Black - The O2 Arena - Live in London - November 25, 2012

Notes from YouTube:

Palpable excitement was rewarded by still more palpable excitement, as The Rolling Stones took to the stage in London on November 25 2012, even among the back rows of the vertiginous Level 4 of the O2 Arena.

As the Sheffield couple, on my right, declared with infectious optimism: "These are great seats! You can see everything!" I had dreaded these seats, as I love standing in the first few rows of a concert, but the standing area, and indeed the entire floor and Level 1 were beyond my price bracket, yet I wanted to see The Rolling Stones badly. Some songs I rocked out to, other songs I recorded, but every song was a treat!

The Rolling Stones really are one of the most exciting bands in the world, even from Level 4, and age has not withered them! I hope standing is more affordable when the Stones tour next year, and maybe I can get closer, lol! Here is "Paint It Black," taken from The Rolling Stones' 1966 album, "Aftermath." :) Find The Rolling Stones here: (Artist reserves all rights, no copyright infringement intended).

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