Friday, October 12, 2012

Farnell Newton

I've been following various musicians on Twitter for a while now.  I try to review the musicians that follow me and listen to their music and pass the really good stuff on to the readers of this blog.  You know like some kind of virtuous cycle where the good stuff rises to the top.

So having said that, I want to highlight a musician that I have been listening to for a few weeks now and recommend that you give his music a listen also.

A reviewer at says it best;

Farnell Newton's debut album, is simply put, good music. A hip cool amalgamation of hip hop, jazz, funk and soul. With several features on here such as singer Toni Hill, and production by Dookie Green, this is a lively foot tapping, head nodding affair.

Notes from YouTube;

Farnell Newton - Class Is Now In Session
Baby Names feat. Toni Hill
Produced by Tony Ozier/Beats Galore

Farnell Newton - Trumpet
Tony Ozier - Key, Bass & Sequencing

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