Thursday, October 13, 2005

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One of my all time favorite pre-war blues men is Sonny Boy Williams. It is kind of funny how I discovered him. I went to a music store to buy a CD by Sonny Boy Williams II (Rice Miller) and bought a CD by the original Sonny Boy and this was my introduction his pre war blues harmonica style. I fell in love with the raw emotions of his playing, and the mastery that he exhibts.

The irony of finding Sonny Boy while looking for Rice Miller takes some of the sting off the fact that Miller stole the name from Sonny Boy. And I have wondered how many other Sonny Boy Williams fans found him that way. The theft of Sonny Boy's name caused music historiains some confusion for a while there. But research has proven the original Sonny Boy Williams was in fact John Lee Williamson. In 1914 he was born near Jackson Tennessee which he even mentions in a couple of his songs. Some have called him the "father of the modern blues harmonica," and I agree with this assesment.

In 1948, Sonny Boy was tragically killed after a mugging.


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Sonny Boy Williamson - Dealing with the Devil

Sonny Boy Williamson - Check Up On My Baby Blues

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